Love the Skin You Are In !


It’s not selfish to LOVE yourself and to take care of yourself – it is essential!
As a mom and a wife, I know how easy it is to put yourself on the backburner. We always put ourselves last on our long “to do lists”. Exercise for me is my “me time”. It helps me be a better mom, wife, and friend !
I get my workout done in our living room or spare bedroom. It takes me 30 minutes and I can get on with the rest of my busy day. I dont have to drive to the gym and fight to use the equipment, that honestly used to scare me.
Exercise has become part of my daily routine. I have learned to eat clean, watch my portion control and I have my daily Shakeology which gives me my daiy dose of nutirtion.
I will help you with nutrition, share recipes and tips to help you with your nutirtion. I will help you choose a workout program that is geard to your goals and be there with you. You as my challenger, will log in to our private Facebook group for daily motovation, tips, recipes and for accountability with the other challengers, who like you are working towards their goals of a healthier lifestyle.
The month of February is typically about LOVE, right 💞
So.. I thought it only fitting that my next challenge group we focus on learning to LOVE OURSELVES unconditionally, gain self worth and of course CONFIDENCE!
Does this sound like something you would like to do? There is no better time than now!
Click “GOING” on this event if you are ready to make yourself a priority ! Happy & Healthy MOM, Happy Family !
We will start February 16th with our plan and prep and the group will run for 21 Days!
Are you in ?
If you are NOT CURRENTLY A COACH or WORKING WITH A COACH please complete the application to get more information and join:



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