Beachbody Health Bet



Are you ready for 2017?? Are you ready for your own transformation story??

What if I told you you could GET PAID while getting fit?? 💸💰

Are you interested?!?!

All you have to do is 3 THINGS:

Workout 3 days a week 🏋🏼
Drink Shakeology 5 days a week 🌱
Log that into an app on your smartphone 📱

If you do these THREE THINGS you get a part of the $2-3 MILLION POT that Beachbody is offering!

So are you ready to join me ??

How do you get started ?

1. First you need to make me your official coach. You can do that here:

2. Fill out the form below so that I can chat with you about what program would best meet your needs.

3. You must commit to a fitness program from start to finish for the duration of the program. We will make sure the workout you choose meets your ability level and your preference for type of workout. We want you to do something that you WANT as opposed to a program that I tell you that you NEED to do!

4. You must be willing to follow the nutrition plan that comes with your program and replace one meal a day with Shakeology. Shakeology and the nutrition plan are an IMPORTANT part to your results. Without proper nutrition your body cannot maximize results, have energy to get through the day or sustain the results. Our goal is to make your journey with me the start of a lasting life transformation.


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