How do you start your day? Last summer I read a great book 📘 called the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod, it is all about how to create a morning routine that sets you up for success in every aspect of your life. The reason being when you go through your daily life, you can’t always control what happens to you. However you CAN control how you start your day. No matter what craziness happens you have taken the time to focus on yourself and personal growth. It gets you ready for the day 🤗 If you: – Sit in silence for a few minutes before the hectic day begins 🙏🏻 – Remind yourself of your unlimited potential 🚀 – Exercise, get that blood pumping – feel energized 🏋🏻 – Focus on the goals you want to achieve for yourself … 🖊 the rest of the day you WILL to see the world through that filter 🌍 #foodforthought #miraclemorning #howdoyoustartyourday


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