My T25 Journey

So this is my second time doing T25. I started my Beachbody journey with T25 and to this t25day it is still my favorite workout and the one I have had the best results with – I think because it was the biggest change I have made. I did get amazing results from P90X3 and Hammer and Chisel, but I had already lost the weight at that point. Those programs just made me stronger.

T25 is a two month or three if you decided to do the GAMMA round program. All the workouts are 25 minutes(30 with the cool down), which I LOVE. When I did this program the first time, I was driving 80 miles a day, getting up at 5 am, getting home around 5:00-5:30 depending on traffic. I did my workouts when I got home from work. I literally got changed as soon as I got through the door. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t get it done. It’s 5 days a week, with a double on Friday. What I would do, just personal choice, was instead of doing a double on Fridays I would do one workout on Friday and one on Saturday. Sunday is Stretch day, I usually do Yoga as I wasn’t a fan of the stretch video.

Alpha round has 5 different workouts that you rotate though the weeks. Whether you get the DVDs or you do T25 on Beachbody on Demand you will get the calendar for your workouts, the nutrition guide and the workout sheets to monitor your progress.

You do so much ab work without ever knowing it in this program, which i FREAKING love. I am not a fan of crunches, Shaun T just gets all this ab work in without you realizing it.

I will be honest, I followed Tania, the modifier,  the entire program the first time I did this and I got AMAZING results. I never thought I would, but i did !

Now, doing this program two years later, I don’t modify half as much. I can even do a non modified burpee – which i am super proud of ! I am working so hard and getting my abs back. After my hysterectomy a year  ago, and not being able to exercise for 5 months was quite frustrating. I had worked so hard and was proud of my abs for the first time in years. I actually wore a bikini for the first time since I had our boys. I know that this will get my abs back, I’ve seen what this program does and the results you can get.

Did you want to know more about T25 or try it yourself ? Message me at and I can tell you more about it and get you started.






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