Health Bet Challenge Group


health bet

If I told you that you will win an equal part of a MILLION DOLLAR pot just for logging 3 workouts and drinking 5 superfood shakes a week for four weeks, would you do it ?

Beachbody is betting that you are going to FALL IN LOVE with getting HEALTHY & FIT ! That’s right ! You will get paid just for working out and drinking your superfood shake.

What’s the catch, you ask ? There isn’t one ! There are a few simple requirements to follow to be eligible to receive your pay out.

  • Participate in my Challenge Group on an app on your smartphone, this makes it easy to track your workouts.
  • You have to log a minimum of five (5) Shakeologys with photos and three (3) workouts during each of the four qualification weeks. This is strictly for accountability, there are no weigh-ins or minimum lbs lost required, like many other challenges out there.

When you meet these TWO simple requirements, you will automatically win an equal share of a $1,000,000 up to $3,000,000 total prize pool and you will be well on your way to reaching your health and fitness goals and create some new and healthy habits !

*this is only good for US and Canada residents

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