About Me

Hi ! If you are just stumbling across my page – WELCOME !
My name is Paloma Leigh. I am the wife of an amazing man and a mother of two boys and a dog mom too ! Family is everything to me.

A little over two years ago I found Beachbody and fell in love with its workout programs.. it LITERALLY changed my life. I was someone who didn’t believe in working out or taking the time to keep myself healthy. I tried every diet on the planet(like most women) with little to no success. I wanted a quick solution.
By becoming a Beachbody coach and helping and inspiring others to get fit and healthy I have made a positive change in my life. I am the fittest I have ever been !

My goal is to help others in their journey to getting healthy and fit again. Being moms – we tend to lose ourselves in our busy lives of working full time and taking care of our families. I am here to provide you with inspiration, motivation, accountability and support to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of your life! I post healthy recipes, fitness and nutrition tips, accountability groups and I will also teach you how I’ve been able to start my own business from the ground up and how YOU can too.

Please feel free to like my page on Facebook , send me a Friend Request or send me an email at palomaleighfitness@gmail.com –  I would love to connect.


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